Financial and Non-Financial Highlights

Financial Highlights (FY2019/3)

Achieving Sustainable Growth and a High Profitability Structure

Net sales

¥248,655 million

Operating profit and Operating margin

Operating profit ¥26,964 million, Operating margin 10.8%

Overseas sales ratio




Cash flows

Operating CF ¥27,620 million、Investing CF ¥(28,347) million, Financing CF ¥(6,227) million

Consolidated dividend payout ratio


Non-Financial Highlights (FY2019/3)

Flavor and Fun for All Generations

Brand Japan 2019 “Friendly” division*

We were selected as the top food and beverage company in the “Friendly” division for brand valuation, which is evaluated by consumers.

* Nikkei BP Consulting
Factor-Specific Assessment “Friendly” of Consumer Markets (BtoC)


Food communication

To ensure the healthy growth of children of the future, we carry out food education and factory tours as part of our responsibility as a food company.

Participants in the snack school
(Cumulative total of five years
from 2014–2018):

289,802 people

Factory tour participants
(Cumulative total of five years
from 2014–2018):

117,654 people

Succession of the Gift of Nature and Wealth through Co-Creation

Domestic potato procurement

We are working to ensure stable procurements of potato by diversifying production areas and cultivating partners, while both crop area and crop yields of potatoes are declining in Japan.

332 thousand tons

CO2 emissions (Domestic Calbee Group Companies)

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we are taking initiatives such as improving productivity of our factories and switching from crude oil to other energy sources.

CO2 emissions
215.7 thousand t-CO2

CO2 emissions per unit sales
10.7 ton-CO2 per billions of yen

A Motivating and Fulfilling Environment for All Employees through Diversity and Inclusion

Female manager ratio (Calbee, Inc.)

As part of our diversity management, we aim to achieve a female manager ratio of 30% for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022.

22.3% (As of April 2019)

Rate of annual paid holidays taken (Calbee, Inc.)

We encourage employees to take paid holidays to improve their work–life balance and create an environment in which all employees can work enthusiastically.


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