Calbee Group Code of Conduct

1. Follow Laws and Social Norms

  • We follow laws and social norms in Japan and in overseas countries where we do business, and we comply with company and other regulations and rules. We conduct our company activities based on high ethical standards, fairness, good judgment, and a recognition of our responsibility to fulfill society’s trust.

2. Adopt a Customer-Oriented Approach

  • We put the customer first at all times and endeavor to provide safe, high-quality products and services that earn customers’ trust and meet with their satisfaction.
  • We strive to create new value by fully incorporating Voice of the Customer (VOC) in our company activities.
  • We contribute to healthy life styles in an ongoing fashion by adding variety to people’s diets through offerings that meet the needs of consumers.

3. Respect Colleagues

  • We respect each other as individuals and strive to create a workplace where everyone can be dynamic in their work.
  • We value teamwork and aim to reach common goals by all working together.
  • We make ongoing efforts to improve our skills as individual players in the local community.

4. Build Fair and Equitable Relationships

  • We fulfill our social responsibility as a company by endeavoring to maintain fair and equitable relationships with all stakeholders, including our customers, business partners, and shareholders.
  • We build win-win relationships with business partners by deepening cooperative ties with them and creating value together.

5. Conserve and Protect the Environment and Resources

  • We take measures to preserve the global environment and strive to protect the earth’s resources by promoting energy-saving measures.
  • We harness nature’s gifts by building networks that are closely linked with agricultural and fisheries workers and production areas.

6. Contribute to Local Communities

  • We promote harmony and partnerships with local communities and actively engage in social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen, recognizing that we are members of the local community.
  • We respect the culture and customs of nations and regions overseas where we do business, and we contribute to the advancement of the international community.

Calbee Group Bribery Prevention Policy

We, the Calbee Group (“Calbee” or“we”), clearly state, in our Group Corporate Vision, that “To be a company that is respected,admired,and loved, by customers and business partners, by employees and their families, by local communities, and by shareholders.”
Moreover, in our Code of Conduct (including action guidelines), Calbee represents that we will not offer or accept any interest or benefit which conflicts with socially-accepted principles.
To obtain further reliance from the society and to ensure sustainable development, Calbee hereby establishes this Policy and will work on preventing bribery in all countries and areas where we engage in business as a group.

1. Prohibition on Offering Bribes

Calbee will not tolerate any act of offering bribes, such as offering, promising or proposing any money or other interests or benefits (collectively “Money, etc.”) to a third party, whether directly or indirectly, for the purpose of achieving or maintaining any business or business benefits for Calbee, inside or outside of Japan.

2. Prohibition on Acceptance of Bribes

Calbee will not tolerate any act of accepting bribes, such as receiving or demanding any Money, etc. from a third party, whether directly or indirectly, for the purpose of achieving or maintaining any business or business benefits for Calbee, inside or outside of Japan.

3. Dealing with Public Officials, etc.

Calbee will engage in business activities in compliance with the Anti-Bribery Laws of Each Country (as defined below), refraining from engaging in any act of offering bribes to the public officials of each respective country and to persons similar thereto, such as officers and employees of national governments, local governments, government enterprises, political parties, and international institutions (collectively “Public Officials, etc.”).

4. Dealing with Third Parties

Calbee will not tolerate any act of offering bribes to Public Officials, etc., which may be conducted through a third party, such as any of our agents or consultants.

5. Thorough Management of Records

Calbee will comply with this Policy and the Anti-Bribery Laws of Each Country and will keep accurate records in accounting books, etc. based on the facts and properly store related books and vouchers, etc. under an appropriate internal control system.

6. Measures Taken Against Violations, etc.

In the event of a violation of this Policy or any of the Anti-Bribery Laws of Each Country, Calbee will take strict measures against the same, by taking necessary internal actions and providing full cooperation to investigations performed by relevant authorities, etc.

7. Modifications

Calbee will promptly modify this Policy where necessary, in order to comply with the Anti-Bribery Laws of Each Country.


As used in this Policy, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

  1. (1) “Calbee Group” applies to all officers and employees of Calbee, Inc. and its domestic and overseas affiliates.
  2. (2) “Money, etc.” means:
    • cash, tradable coupons, gift vouchers, unlisted shares, financing, collateral;
    • gifts, entertainment, invitations (to sporting or theater events, or travel)
    • donations, contributions, sponsorship fees; and
    • ex gratia payments, rebates, etc.
    In addition, in some countries and areas, Public Officials, etc. may demand payments in small amounts other than on the basis of applicable laws or regulations (“Facilitation Payments”), in relation to customs clearance or inspections, the issuance of an entry visa or a visa to stay, an application for the extension thereof, or the like. Such Facilitation Payments are also prohibited as they fall under the offering of bribes to Public Officials, etc
  3. (3) “Anti-Bribery Laws of Each Country” means:
    1. 1) Japan
      Article 18 of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act; National Public Service Ethics Act
    2. 2 United States
      Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (the “FCPA”)
    3. 3) United Kingdom
      UK Bribery Act 2010
    4. 4) Others
      OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions.

Established on September 1, 2016

Calbee Group CSR Procurement Policy

In our Group Vision, we, the Calbee Group (“Calbee” or“we”), place our first priority on our relationships with “customers and business partners.” Moreover, in our “Basic Purchasing Policies and Transaction Guidelines,” we have incorporated such philosophy and the spirit of corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) activities into our purchase transaction policies.
Accordingly, Calbee hereby establishes the “Calbee Group CSR Procurement Policy” as follows, and we will further strengthen our CSR activities carried out throughout our supply chain, by way of cooperation with our suppliers.

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations and Social Norms

Calbee will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and social norms of Japan and other countries, and ensure appropriate, fair and transparent procurement operations.

2. Consideration of Human Rights

Calbee will support and respect internationally-declared human rights protection policies and will prohibit any inhumane treatment.
In addition, we will not participate in any infringement of human rights.

3. Consideration of Labor Rights

Calbee will eliminate forced labor of any form, as well as definitively abolishing child labor.

4. Consideration for the Environment

Calbee will actively work toward, and be responsible for, preservation of the global environment, and will give consideration to the effects on society and the ecosystem.

5. Securing Quality and Safety

Calbee will perform thorough quality control and will work on ensuring that our products and services satisfy the safety standards prescribed in applicable laws, regulations and the like of Japan and other countries.

6. Commitment to Information Security

Calbee will take protective measures against threats to our computer networks and will properly manage all personal information and confidential information.

Established in October 2016

Statement Relating to UK Modern Slavery Act

Calbee discloses the “Statement Relating to UK Modern Slavery Act” on its website in support of the English law “Modern Slavery Act 2015.”


Calbee slogans to promote diversity

Calbee slogans to promote diversity

Harvest diversity. Let’s make it grow, Calbee and I.
Recognizing each other’s values and getting the maximum benefit from them.
It is diversity that powers Calbee ’s growth.
Just can’t stop when it comes to both life and work.

Calbee Group Health Declaration

Calbee Group Wellness Statement

Harvest the bright future.
We value good health while we care for each other, both at work and home.
Wellness is essential for best performance.
It drives Calbee ’s growth when it encourages personal growth.
“ Yamerarenai Tomaranai ” enjoy LIFE and WORK.

Calbee Group Environmental Activities Declaration

Environmental Activities Declaration
I. Basic approach to the environment
" Harvest the Power of Nature.”
Under this corporate message, the Calbee Group harvests the blessings of nature cultivated on the Earth and delivers them to our customers.
In addition to harvesting the vitality and potentiality of nature, we carefully use the blessings of nature cultivated on the Earth and to the extent possible restore them to their natural form and return them to the Earth.
The Calbee Group's wish is to connect the wonderful power of nature to future generations as a living member of all animals and plants of the earth, and to become a company that is loved by all stakeholders.
II. Environmental Policy
  1. We comply with environmental laws and regulations.
  2. We strive to provide safe products that benefit the health of people and the global environment.
  3. We strive to reduce CO2 emissions that lead to global warming.
  4. We aim to reduce waste and water use, while at the same time utilize raw materials from nature’s bounty.
  5. All employees are engaged in environmental protection.

Calbee Group’s Social Contribution Mission Statement

We, as Calbee Group employees and good citizens, will contribute to the communities in which we live and work and also to the global community.

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