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Diversity & Inclusion

Based on the belief that Calbee cannot grow without the active participation of women, we have focused on promoting the active participation of women, which account for approximately half of our employees, as a top-priority issue for diversity management. Moving forward, we will create an organization in which all employees can fulfill their own ability by learning from the diversity of individuals, such as measures to promote understanding of diversity and to create a corporate culture, in addition to promotion of active participation of women.

Calbee slogans to promote diversity

Promotion of Female Employee’s Activities

While approximately half of our employees are women, the female manager ratio was 5.9% as of April 2010, when we began initiatives regarding promoting diversity and the active participation of women. At present, this ratio has increased by about four times. Under the leadership of top management, we are promoting female employees systematically and continuously, conducting various training and workshops, and improving the working environment from the perspective of female employees.

Diversity-Related Awards and Accreditation

  • “Eruboshi” certified as an excellent company based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation in the Workplace Third-highest level of certification
  • Advanced Company Awards for Women Prime Minister’s Award (FY2017/3)
  • Nadeshiko brand certification
  • Selection of 100 New Diversity Management Companies 100 prime

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