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Diversity & Inclusion

Based on the belief that Calbee cannot grow without the active participation of women, we have focused on promoting the active participation of women, which account for approximately half of our employees, as a top-priority issue for diversity management. Moving forward, we will create an organization in which all employees can fulfill their own ability by learning from the diversity of individuals, such as measures to promote understanding of diversity and to create a corporate culture, in addition to promotion of active participation of women.

Calbee slogans to promote diversity

Promotion of Female Employee’s Activities

While approximately half of our employees are women, the female manager ratio was 5.9% as of April 2010, when we began initiatives regarding promoting diversity and the active participation of women. At present, this ratio has increased by about four times. Under the leadership of top management, we are promoting female employees systematically and continuously, conducting various training and workshops, and improving the working environment from the perspective of female employees.

Promoting the active participation of diverse human resources

Encouraging employment of people with disabilities

In 2007, we established special subsidiary Calbee Eatalk Co., Ltd., with the aim of creating a company where diverse human resources can play an active role regardless of gender nationality, age and the existence or absence of disabilities. Calbee Eatalk is an employment office used by a large number of people with severe disabilities, whose main activity is the packaging of souvenir products. In 2018, the East Japan Office was opened with the aim of expanding the scale of this business.
In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, the combined employment rate of disabled people was 2.21%, which includes both Calbee and Calbee Eatalk.

LGBT Initiatives

We have been working since the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017, to promote understanding of sexual minorities and create a work environment where LGBT employees can work comfortably.

Main Initiatives

  • Revision of some systems to apply congratulatory and condolence leave and payments to same-sex partners of employees in common law marriages
  • Calbee Ally* logo creation and distribution
  • Inviting speakers to conducting lectures and seminars
  • Dissemination of information through internal newsletters and intranets to promote understanding
  • * Ally: People who understand and support LGBT

Support Systems to Encourage Active Participation

  Main Systems Details
Systems Supporting Diverse Working Styles Mobile Work From April 2014, operation launched with an upper limit of two times per week. From April 2017, restrictions on places and times were removed.
Application for retirees who desire to return to work System enabling employees who had to leave work due to childbirth, childrearing, nursing care or spouse job transfer to apply to return to work.
Flex Time 10:00 to 15:00 are core working hours, employees can set their own start and leave time. Introduced in 1991.
Half-day paid leave Enables employees to apply take paid leave in half-day increments.
Systems Supporting a Balance Between Family and Work Childcare leave Can be used up to the day before the child’s second birthday.
*First five days of childcare are counted as paid leave.
Shortened working hours for childcare The specified working hours per day is five hours or more, and working hours can be reduced in 30-minute increments. (Until child finishes third grade)
Spouse childbirth leave Can be used continuously or divided over five days (paid) within six weeks before the expected date of delivery of the spouse (14 weeks before multiple pregnancies) within eight weeks after the date of delivery.
Child nursing leave Up to 10 days a year can be obtained in half-day increments. (Until child finishes third grade)
Nursing care leave Can be used consecutively within one year for one person requiring nursing care for a period approved by the Company.
Shortened working hours for nursing care Specified working hours per day are six hours or more, and working hours can be reduced in 30-minute increments. (Up to two times in three years per person requiring nursing care)
Family nursing care leave Up to 10 days per year, able to be used in half-day increments.

In addition to the above systems, Calbee subsidizes requisite expenses that occur at various life stages.

Expense subsidy examples

Fertility treatment fees, lump-sum payments, appreciation for returning to work early (thanks for returning to work early), reserves for schoolchildren (reserves for full-time work), elementary school entrance celebration, 5-fold cafeteria plan assistance.

Diversity-Related Awards and Accreditation

  • “Eruboshi” certified as an excellent company based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation in the Workplace Third-highest level of certification
  • Advanced Company Awards for Women Prime Minister’s Award (FY2017/3)
  • Nadeshiko brand certification
  • Selection of 100 New Diversity Management Companies 100 prime

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