Snack School & Factory Tours

When Calbee was founded 70 years ago, Japan was still engaged in post-war reconstruction and people were undernourished. Calbee’s origin lies in our founding spirit of serving people by providing inexpensive and nutritious food. We refer to opportunities to directly convey this concept as “food communication,” and we hope to further expand and evolve these opportunities in the future.

Calbee Snack School

To contribute to healthy life styles, Calbee is conducting nationwide food education and communication activities that convey dietary information in a way that is fun using familiar snack foods. The Calbee Snack School, started in 2003, aims to teach children proper eating habits and how to cultivate self-management skills with snack foods. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, 707 schools and 52,274 children and guardians participated in the program.

Calbee Snack School Overview
  • Target: Elementary school students in 3rd—6th grades
  • Theme: Fun ways to eat snacks
  • Details:
    1. About snack amounts (Measure! Compare! Snack volume game)
    2. About snack timing
    3. DVD presentation (Where do potato chips come from?)
    4. About how to read package information
    5. Optional games for each group

Factory Tours

The Calbee Group actively conducts factory tours. We believe that seeing on-site quality and safety management helps people understand initiatives associated with the responsibility of handling food. A total of 16,399 people participated in our factory tours in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019.

Two Factories conduct tours

Hokkaido Factory (Hokkaido)
manufacturing Potato Chips, Jaga Pokkuru

Kitashinano 779-4 Chitose city Hokkaido

Kiyohara Factory (Tochigi)
manufacturing Frugra, Flour-based snacks

Kiyohara-Kogyo danchi 23-7 Utsunomiya city Tochigi

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