For All Employees

Human Resources

We believe that human resources are an important base supporting our value chain as well as a source of innovation for sustainable growth. In order to create new value in response to rapid changes in the business environment, it is necessary for each employee to have a challenging mindset. We are working to create an environment in which we can produce such human resources, and they can fulfill all employees’ ability.

Initiatives for Employees to Promote challenges

We are implementing initiatives aimed at creating workplaces where all employees can fulfill their own ability while respecting the values of their work and life, such as fair evaluation and reward systems for their performance as well as opportunities for employees to take on challenges.

Career Development

Fostering career ownership Develop policies and environment for each employee to independently and positively consider their own career from a medium-term perspective for personal growth
  • Self-assessment system
  • in-house recruitment
  • work challenge
  • employee challenge
Job rotation from a medium- to long-term perspective Implement intentional cross-divisional rotation to develop human resources with diverse experiences
Self-development support program Cover the costs partially for curriculums selected by employees themselves, such as e-learning and schooling-type menus
Selective training to nurture leaders Work-out training by top-class lecturers aimed at nurturing next-generation leaders

Evaluation and Awards

Commitments and accountability Conduct fair evaluations based on the results, which all executives and employees commit to at the beginning of the fiscal year
Calbee Award Awards to employees who contributed to annual performance and corporate development every year

Systems to Support Diverse and Efficient Working Styles

Results in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019

Annual paid leave utilization rate

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