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1949 ・Matsuo Food Processing Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 1949 to succeed Matsuo Food Industry, in Hiroshima.
1955 ・Name changed to Calbee Foods and Confectionery
・Co., Ltd.
・Developed technology for producing Arare crackers
・from wheat flour.
・Launch Kappa Arare crackers, adopting the mythical kappa* character chosen by Kon Shimizu as the product symbol.
  *A mythical animal from Japanese folklore.
1957 ・Opened the Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Tokyo sales offices.
1964 ・Launch Kappa Ebisen shrimp-flavored crackers. Kappa Ebisen
1968 ・Began operating the Utsunomiya Factory (Tochigi).
・Opened the Osaka and Sapporo sales offices.
1969 ・Began operating the Chitose Factory (Hokkaido).

1970 ・Established Calbee America, Inc. (U.S.).
1971 ・Launch Masked Rider Snack, a successful product. Masked Rider Snack
1972 ・Launch Sapporo Potato, a packaged potato snack.
・Established Calbee Shokuhin Co., Ltd. (Merged with Calbee Inc. in July 2014).
Sapporo Potato
1973 ・Moved head office to Tokyo. Name changed to Calbee Foods Co., Ltd.
1974 ・Opened the Hokkaido Division and built four potato storehouses at three Hokkaido locations.
1975 ・Began operating the Kagoshima Factory (Kagoshima) and Shimotsuma Factory (Ibaraki).
・Launch Potato Chips.
Potato Chips
1976 ・Began operating the Second Utsunomiya Factory (Tochigi) and Shiga Factory (Shiga).
1977 ・Began potato chip production at the Kagoshima Factory.
1978 ・Began potato chip production at the Chitose Factory.

1980 ・Materials Division became independent as Calbee Potato, Inc.
・Established Calbee Tanawat Co., Ltd. (Thailand).
1982 ・Made Tokyo Snack Food Co., Ltd. to a subsidiary company.
1983 ・Began operating the Kakamigahara Factory (Gifu).
1986 ・Began operating the Hiroshima-Nishi Factory (Hiroshima).
1988 ・Began marketing cereal products in the Nagoya region. cereal products
1989 ・Began operating the Kiyohara Factory (Tochigi) to produce cereals.
・Expanded cereals marketing throughout Japan.

1990 ・Established Snack Food Service Co., Ltd.
1991 ・Established Food Engineering Institute, Ltd. (dissoluved in 2006).
・Established NIJYUICHI Co.,Ltd.
・Opened the Tokyo Research and Development Center.
1992 ・Established Calbee International, Ltd. (Hong Kong).
1994 ・Completed new head office building in Kita-ku, Tokyo.
・Established Calbee Four Seas Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong).
1995 ・Began operating the Shin-Utsunomiya Factory (Tochigi).
・Launch Jagarico potato snack.
・Established Qingdao Calbee Foods Co., Ltd. (China).
・Established Shenyang Calbee Foods Co., Ltd. (China).
1996 ・Established Garden Bakery, Inc.
・Established Yantai Calbee Food Co., Ltd. (China).
1999 ・Began operating the Ayabe Factory (Kyoto).

2000 ・Established Calnac Co., Ltd.
・Completed the Fruit Granola Building at the Kiyohara Factory (Tochigi).
2001 ・Renovated the Chitose Factory (Hokkaido).
2002 ・Established Calbee Four Seas (Shantou) Co., Ltd. (China).
2004 ・Established Oisia Co., Ltd. (Merged with Calbee Inc. in July 2013).
・Established Snack Salad Marketing&Technologies, Inc. (U.S.).
・Established the R&DDE Center for research and development.
2005 ・Established Calbee Konan Co., Ltd. (Shiga).
・Relocated and renovated the Hiroshima Factory.
・Established Okinawa Back Office (now Okinawa Communication Place).
・Launch Jagabee potato snack.
・Decided on our corporate message" Harvest the Power of Nature".
・Established RCF (now Calbee North America, LLC.), and YANTAI CALBEE CO., LTD.
2007 ・Established Calbee Eatalk Co., Ltd.
2009 ・Business and capital tie-up with PepsiCo, Inc. Made Japan Frito-lay a subsidiary.

2010 ・Head Office moved within Tokyo from Akabane to Marunouchi.
・Began operating Calbee Eatalk Co.,Ltd. (Shiga, established in 2007).
・Launch Vegips (Kinki).
・Awarded the Eco-Rail Mark.
2011 ・Calbee listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on March 11.
・Launch hitokuchi-bizen.
・Established HAITAI-CALBEE Co., Ltd.
・Opened "Jaga pokkuru theater" and "Calbee show room" in the New Chitose Airport.
・Established the "Great East Japan Earthquake Orphans'Fund".
・Opened the Calbee antenna shop "Calbee Plus Halajuku takeshita street" and "Calbee Plus Second floor of New Chitose Airport".
2012 ・Opened the Calbee antenna shop "Calbee Plus Tokyo Station" and "Calbee Plus Diversity Tokyo Plaza".
・Established Calbee (Hangzhou) Foods Co., Ltd. and Calbee (Taipei) Foods Co., Ltd.
・Merger Calbee America with RCF and established CNA(Calbee North America, LLC).
2013 ・Established PT. Calbee-Wings Food.
2014 ・Established Calbee (UK) Ltd and Calbee-URC, Inc.
・Chosen by "NADESHIKO BRAND2014".
・Opened "GRAND Calbee" and "grano-ya".

Selected Calbee Commercials
1969 Commercial Image 1969 1976 Commercial Image 1976
The commercial jingle "Can't Quit, Don't Stop" became a hit, giving a boost to sales.
Miwako Fujitani's amusing performance of the jingle "For 100 yen..." was a big hit.


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