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Jaga Pirika

Cubical and crispy
Adorable potatoes of three different colors and rich flavors

Colorful and flavorful

Pirika means "cute" in Ainu. Jaga Pirika is a colorful, adorable snack. Each Jaga Pirika owes its unique color to the natural pigment of the potatoes. These three colorful varieties of potatoes, yellow, purple, and white, are carefully grown in Hokkaido. Enjoy the pretty colors and taste.

All three potatoes are grown in the fine fields of Hokkaido.

Flavorful Hokkaido potatoes are grown in a crisp climate with big differences in temperature between day and night. "Jaga Pirika" is made with the Toyoshiro, Inca-no-Mezame, and Kita Murasaki varieties, which are all grown in Hokkaido. In collaboration with potato farmers, we've developed the perfect soil and fertilizer for potatoes. After the potatoes are harvested, they're checked for quality and stored at strictly controlled temperatures, before the next step.

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Potatoes (non-GMO), vegetable oil, salt (made with 100% Okhotsk sea salt) / antioxidant (V.C)

This product is made in the same facility as products containing eggs, milk components, wheat, shrimp and crab.

*In accordance with the Food Labeling Act, Calbee labels a total of 27 ingredients: mandatory items (7 items), and items that are recommended to be indicated(20), if used as an ingredient in their product.

Per pack (18g)

103 kcal
0.8 g
6.8 g
9.7 g
Salt equivalent
0.1 g

This is a translation of indicated items according to the Food Labeling Act of Japan.
Information given in Japanese is the official version.
Calbee is not liable for the accuracy of translation into each language.

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