Calbee plus

About us

Calbee has been a leader in Japan’s snack food market since its establishment in 1949, and continues to be at the forefront of innovation. Today, Calbee is in a strong, dominant position in Japan. Looking ahead, the company will tackle the challenge of securing a greater presence on the global stage. With unique products of world-leading quality, unleashing its boundless potential for growth.

What is Calbee Plus?

Calbee Plus is a shop of Calbee where you can try tasty and fun products, including freshly fried potato. The product line-up also includes other freshly fried food and products you cannot find anywhere else. Now open nation-wide!

揚げたてポテトチップスなど、"おいしい" "たのしい" を体感できる、カルビーのショップです。あつあつの揚げたて商品、ここでしか買えない商品を取り揃えています。全国各地で展開中!

Our Foods

We freshly prepare our fried snacks, such as potato chips and Poterico (a new snack derived from our popular item-Jagarico), a taste you can only experience in stores. Each shop offers a unique flavor only available in that shop.


Confectionaries and Snacks

Selection of product limited to shops.
Light in weight with many small packets, these products are great small gifts for your friends!


Imo Komachi
The briny zest of Okhotsk
(8 small packets per box)


Okhotsk sea salt flavor. To bring out the natural great taste, we cook whole potatoes with a special technique to create a unique crispy crunch. Savor the genuine taste and color of three kinds of Hokkaido potato varieties (Toyoshiro, Northern Ruby, and Kitamurasaki).

オホーツクの塩味 じゃがいも本来のおいしさを生かすため、素材そのままを独自の製法で仕上げサクッとした心地良い食感と有色馬鈴薯(トヨシロ、ノーザンルビー、キタムラサキを使用)が持つ美味しさが味わえるスナックです。

Jagarico Local Specialty Series
One box contains 8 different flavors.
(8 small packets per box)


Enjoy all 8 varieties of local specialty Jagarico from around Japan in one box!!
Hokkaido: Sweet corn
Tohoku: Scallops in soy sauce and butter
Shinshu: Nozawana greens and kombu
Tokyo: Cheese and spicy cod roe monja
Kansai: Takoyaki
Tokai: Fried chicken wings
Chugoku/Shikoku: Okonomiyaki
Kyushu: Spicy cod roe

北海道:スイートコーン / 東北:ホタテ醤油バター味 / 信州:野沢菜こんぶ / 東京:明太チーズもんじゃ味 / 関西:たこ焼き味 / 東海:手羽先味 / 中四国:お好み焼き味 / 九州:明太子味

Saku-Saku Kurikogane
(6 small packets per box)


Made with 100% Kurikogane sweet potatoes from Kagoshima Prefecture. Kurikogane means "Chestnut Gold," describing the fluffy texture and sweet flavor of this sweet potato variety. We've cooked them into a crispy snack with a satisfying, scrumptious, and memorable taste.


Ebisen Chocolat
(6 small packets per box)


We've given Kappa Ebisen, the shrimp-flavored crispy snacks that are one of Calbee's flagship products, a coating of chocolate that makes a delightful marriage of flavors!



A Lid for Jagarico


A reusable lid for the popular item-Jagarico. It’s useful when you want to take Jagarico with you. Find your favorite design!


Melamine Cups


New Jagarico in melamine cups are now available! The cups are light and durable, so they're good as extra souvenirs!

あのじゃがりこがメラミンカップになって登場! 軽くて割れにくく、お土産にもぴったり。

You can get a free original bag when you purchase more than specific amount.

※ Not offered at all stores.
※ Amount specified in stores.
※ Different design for each shop.

(店舗限定 / 各店デザインが異なります)

Calbee Plus only sells a selection of specialty products.
Please note that the following products are not available at the Calbee Plus.


Standard retail items
(kappa ebisen, Jagariko, potato chips, etc.)
Convenience store, supermarket, etc.

※Available only at Calbee Plus New Chitose Airport Shop.

Store Locations

More info:Japanese only

  • New Chitose Airport shop
    New Chitose Airport
    2F Terminal for Domestic Flights

  • LaLaport EXPOCITY shop
    About a 2 minute walk from "Bampaku-Kinen-Koen Station" on Osaka Monorail line

  • Shinsaibashi shopTAX FREE
    About 3 minutes walk from shisaibasi metro station. (Midosuji Line)

    About a 5 minute walk from JR "Kobe Station" or "Harborland Station"
    About a 10 minute walk from "Kosoku Kobe Station"

  • Hirosima Station Shop
    hirosima station concourse

  • Hakata Hankyu Department Store Shop
    JR "Hakata Station"

  • Okinawa Kokusaidori Street Shop
    About a 5 minute walk from "Makishi Station"

  • Harajuku Takeshita Street Shop
    About a 5 minute walk from JR "Harajuku Station", or "Meiji-Jingumae Station" on the Tokyo Metro Line.

  • Tokyo Station Shop
    In front of Tokyo Station Yaesu
    Underground Central Gate

  • Ebina SA Shop
    (Calbee Kitchen)
    Ebina SA (Service Area)

  • Seibu Tokorozawa Shop
    About a 1 minute walk from "Tokorozawa Station" on Seibu Ikebukuro line or Seibu Shinjyuku line.

  • Hong Kong Shop

  • Macao Shop