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Blessings from the sea, blessings from the fields.
It’s a real Hokkaido combination.

With every bite, the unique texture and flavor fill your mouth. With this combination, you'll be reaching for it again and again.

These crunchy potato chips are made of slow-fried Hokkaido potatoes.
It's a scallop-flavored potato snack. With every bite, the aromas and flavors fill your mouth. The crispy kelp is also from Hokkaido, of course. Enjoy the two different textures.

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Potatoes (sourced in Hokkaido), vegetable oil, seasoned dried konbu (konbu , salt, sugar, reduced sugar syrup, lactose), salt, scallop extract powder, protein hydrolysate (contains soy, chicken and pork), dextrin / seasoning (amino acids and other: contains wheat, crab and mackerel), flavors (contains gelatin), acidic ingredients, antioxidant (V.C)

This product contains the following allergens:<Specified allergens and those equivalent to specific allergens>

Milk components, wheat, crab, mackerel, soy, chicken, pork, gelatine

This product is made at the same facility as products containing eggs and shrimp.

*In accordance with the Food Labeling Act, Calbee labels a total of 28 ingredients: mandatory items (7 items), and items that are recommended to be indicated(21), if used as an ingredient in their product.

Per pack (15g) Estimated Value

71 kcal
1.5 g
3.4 g
8.5 g
Salt equivalent
0.5 g

This is a translation of indicated items according to the Food Labeling Act of Japan.
Information given in Japanese is the official version.
Calbee is not liable for the accuracy of translation into each language.

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