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Jaga Pokkuru

Jaga Pokkuru has been a long-seller, for its unique texture.

  • 18 g x 6 packs

  • 18 g x 10 packs


If you're looking for potatoes with great taste and quality, look no further than Hokkaido-grown potatoes.

"Jaga Pokkuru" is made from 100% Hokkaido-grown potatoes. Flavorful Hokkaido potatoes are grown in a crisp climate with big differences in temperature between day and night. In collaboration with potato farmers, we've developed the perfect soil and fertilizer for potatoes. After the potatoes are harvested, they're checked for quality and stored at strictly controlled temperatures, before the next step.

The secret behind the superb flavor is the original crispy texture and salt from the Okhotsk district.

We carefully select large Hokkaido potatoes to suit our products. We use choice potatoes that are cut without peeling to retain the flavor of the skin. Our unique processing method achieves a crispy texture and brings out the potato’s innate flavor. The salt from Okhotsk adds even more Hokkaido flavor. This salt is distilled from the waters of the Saroma lagoon. Simmering in the kettle causes the salt to mellow in flavor.

Jaga Pokkuru was named after Koropokkuru, a dwarf from Ainu folklore.

"Koropokkuru" is Ainu for "he who lives below the leaves of the butterbur plant". Legend holds that Koropokkuru is too shy to be seen but is kind enough to share food by putting it near the homes of Ainu in the middle of the night. Koropokkuru is said to be a god of happiness.

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Potatoes (sourced in Hokkaido), vegetable oil, dextrin, salt, konbu extract powder, starch, yeast extract powder / seasoning (amino acids and other), antioxidant (V.C)

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Per pack (18g) Estimated Value

106 kcal
0.8 g
7.2 g
9.4 g
Salt equivalent
0.1 g

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Information given in Japanese is the official version.
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