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Jaga Pokkuru
Savory Scallop Flavor

Scallops *are
sourced in Hokkaido, of course.
Enjoy the delicious flavor of
this new type of Jaga Pokkuru.

*This product contains
0.02% of scallop powder made from scallops sourced in Hokkaido.

Discontinued due to it being a limited edition product.

  • 18 g x 6 packs

At last,
the long-awaited debut of a second flavor!

Hokkaido is the number one grower of potatoes and scallops in the nation. Now the blessings of the sea and land come together in one delicious product. This is the first new Jaga Pokkuru flavor since the original flavor was introduced in 2003.

We pursued the
delicious flavor of scallops.

We used both "scallop extract powder" made from the juices of dried scallop adductor muscles, and "scallop powder" made from powdered Hokkaido scallops. The flavors of potato, scallop, and salt are blended together in one harmonic and bountiful taste. Of course the texture of "real potato" typical of Jaga Pokkuru still remains the same.

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Potatoes (sourced in Hokkaido), vegetable oil, starch resolvent, salt, scallop extract powder, starch, yeast extract powder, scallop powder / seasoning (amino acids and other), aroma, antioxidant (V.C)

This product contains the following allergens:<Specified allergens and those equivalent to specific allergens>


*In accordance with the Food Labeling Act, Calbee labels a total of 28 ingredients: mandatory items (7 items), and items that are recommended to be indicated(21), if used as an ingredient in their product.

Per pack (18g) Estimated Value

106 kcal
0.8 g
7.2 g
9.4 g
Salt equivalent
0.1 g

This is a translation of indicated items according to the Food Labeling Act of Japan.
Information given in Japanese is the official version.
Calbee is not liable for the accuracy of translation into each language.

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