R&D Domains

The Calbee Group covers all angles of R&D from basic research to product/technological development.

Basic Research

  • Study of Benefits
  • Research into Quality

We engage in research activities to identify the benefits of natural ingredients that may lead to innovative products, as well as quality in consideration of product safety and security.

Product Development

  • New Product
  • Quality Improvement of Existing Products

We develop new products anticipating changes in the external environment, and improve the quality of existing products.

Technology Development

  • Package Development
  • Equipment Development

We address various tasks including product quality improvement, the development of customer-friendly packaging, and the introduction of leading-edge technologies to our factories.

R&D for
Perfect Potatoes

  • Development of New Potato Varieties
  • Potato Cultivation Technology
  • Potato Storage

We work on the development of technologies as well as new potato varieties for the long-term stable procurement of potatoes and their quality improvement.