Disclosure Policy

1. Basic policy

Calbee, Inc. (hereafter Calbee) actively discloses information in order to remain a trustworthy company and so that our stakeholders, including our shareholders and investors, can form a clear understanding and evaluation of our activities and performance.

Calbee discloses information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and the Tokyo Stock Exchange disclosure regulations (hereafter, ‘regulations on timely disclosure’). Calbee also aims to ensure continuous disclosure of other information pertinent to the investment decisions of shareholders and investors, even in cases where such information is not subject to the regulations on timely disclosure.

In order to maintain fair and unbiased disclosure of information, Calbee does not release material undisclosed information on a selective basis to specific institutions or individuals.

2. Methods of disclosure

Calbee gives due consideration to the accurate and fair communication of important information affecting investment decisions. For the disclosure of information subject to the regulations on timely disclosure, Calbee utilizes TDnet, a timely information disclosure system operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Information provided through TDnet will promptly be published on the Company website. Important information not subject to the regulations on timely disclosure will be disclosed via appropriate methods, such as publication on the Company website.

3. Results forecasts and forward-looking statementsPlans, forward-looking statements

and strategies as disclosed by Calbee, other than historical or present facts, are evaluations and assumptions based on the information available at the time of issuance and are not an assurance or guarantee that strategies will be implemented or results achieved as planned. Actual business performance may differ materially from projections contained in forward-looking statements due to factors including but not limited to economic conditions or the market environment, and such projections should not be relied upon as the basis for investment decisions.

4. Quiet period

In order to ensure fairness and to prevent the unauthorized release of earnings information prior to announcements, Calbee refrains from providing comments or answering investor inquiries on the company’s plans, performance or outlook during a ‘quiet period’ that extends from the end of the financial period until the announcement of results. However, in the event that during a quiet period it is determined that results are expected to differ substantially from forecasts, Calbee will make the appropriate disclosure in accordance with the regulations on timely disclosure.