Contribution to Local Society

The Calbee Group regards all members of local communities as valued stakeholders. Harmonious coexistence with people living in nearby communities is essential to all of our business activities, including raw material procurement, production, and sales. Each of our employees conduct themselves out of consideration for how they can contribute to communities.

Calbee Group’s Social Contribution Mission Statement

We, as Calbee Group employees and good citizens, will contribute to the communities in which we live and work and also to the global community.

Educating the leaders of the next generation

Confectionery Contest

Calbee has been holding its Confectionery Contest since 2011. In this contest, we gather confectionery ideas from elementary school students and select superior entries. Then, our development team makes these ideas into real confectionery. The Company started this contest with the goal of teaching children the fun of development and manufacturing. Our eighth theme for the contest was “Create a healthy snack that made with vegetables.” We recognized 12 product ideas out of a total of 1,477 entries.

Examples of Superior Entries

Contributions to Problem-Solving and Development in Local Communities

Support for Disaster-Affected Areas:The MICHINOKU Future Fund

In the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake approximately 1,800 children are speculated to have lost parents. The MICHINOKU Future Fund was established to help children who lost one or both of their parents in the disaster to enter universities or receive technical education. By the end of April 2019, the fund had provided scholarships to 811 children. Calbee is one of the company which established The MICHINOKU Future Fund, and supporting the fund through various means, such as deducting contributions from salaries and conducting fundraising activities at events.

Initiatives in the United Kingdom

Calbee (UK) Ltd’s factory is located in Flintshire, which is facing social issues such as higher unemployment and crime rates and higher rates of drug and alcohol addiction compared to other regions in the United Kingdom. Employees of the Calbee (U.K.) are actively heading to local facilities and schools to act as career coaches and mentors for children, adolescents, and young women. In 2018, Calbee employees visited the Penny Ford Elementary School where they conducted a class that introduced traditional Japanese toys. The daruma-otoshi, kendama and take-tombo were all very popular, but the koma (spinning top) was the children’s favorite.

Initiatives in Thailand

At Calbee Tanawat Co., Ltd., we collect social contribution proposals from employees and select ideas for implementation from them. For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, we implemented four proposals, including building a multi purpose hall in a elementary school and repairing a temple. We received a big welcome at all regions and were met with bright smiles from children and other local residents.

Results in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019

Number of participants in the Calbee Group’s social contribution activities
Total 5,769 people
CSR-certified employees
Cumulative total 61 people

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