Sustainable Management

The Calbee Group remains committed to addressing medium- to long-term challenges facing the environment, society, and economy through co-creation with stakeholders and to practicing sustainable management that creates new shared value.

Founding Philosophy

To be a company that gathers knowledge in order to
create products that are healthy, safe, and affordable,
and which utilize unused food resources.

During World War II, founder Takashi Matsuo began making and selling dumplings by extracting germ from rice bran, which at the time was usually discarded as waste, and blending it with sweet potatoes or wild plants. The food supply at the time was severe, so many people were relieved to have access to such nutritional food. Our founder’s desire to utilize unused resources to create food products that contribute to healthy lives is something that remains at the core of the Calbee Group’s values to this day.

Founder Takashi Matsuo (on the right)Founder Takashi Matsuo (on the right)

Our Value

Corporate Message
Harvest the Power of Nature.Calbee
Corporate Philosophy
We are committed to harnessing nature’s gifts, to bringing taste and fun, and contributing to healthy life styles.
Group Vision
We must earn respect, admiration and love firstly of our customers, suppliers and distributors, secondly of our employees and their families, thirdly of the communities, and finally of our stockholders.


The Calbee Group has identified Materiality that should be prioritized in conducting sustainable management.

Main stakeholders and Materiality

Making our customers’ lives better through flavor and fun.
Achieving a sustainable society and business growth together with our supply chains, suppliers, and business partners.

Vibrant, thriving communities and environmental conservation

Comfortable, high-performing work environments for employees
Sound, effective governance that meets shareholder expectation

Sustainable Management Promotion Framework

The Sustainability Committee determines the Calbee Group’s materiality, discusses, and reviews the roadmap for the priority themes promoted by the subcommittees, and reviews the status of progress on them.

Board of Directors


Sustainability Committee

Theme identification and monitoring

Strategy determination and progress reports

Subcommittees for each priority theme (promote strategy execution)

Sustainability Activities in the Calbee Group