Workstyle transformation and health & productivity management

The Calbee Group aims for sustained corporate growth by having all employees express their capabilities to the fullest in order to revitalize the organization and create innovation. We are working to build an organization that promotes the advancement of all employees by embracing diversity. By keeping pace with the speed of change in the business environment, we are also developing talented employees with a challenging mindset that will create new value.

Major Measures

Systems to Support Diverse and Efficient Working Styles

Workstyle transformation over the years

Workstyle transformation over the years

Calbee New Workstyle

Calbee launched the Calbee New Workstyle for office staff in July 2020. With appreciation for the diverse lifestyles of employees, each employee can act with a sense of ownership and choose the location and hours of their work according to the objectives of their jobs. We are also utilizing IT tools to increase the quality and speed of work-related communication in order to improve productivity and maximize output.

Calbee New Workstyle logo
Calbee New Workstyle logo

Workstyle that transcend time and location

Calbee has launched the following initiatives as part of Calbee New Workstyle.

  • Standardizing mobile work
    As we standardize mobile work, employees can choose between mobile work and office work (in-person) on their own initiative, bolstering both productivity and creativity
  • Implementation of the flextime system
    Having eliminated core time, individual employees can now live more fulfilling lifestyles while also achieving even better performance.
    All of our employees can flexibly utilize work times and locations on their own to set the right working hours and enjoy an even more fulfilling work-life balance.

Initiatives to foster a “tenacious sense of ownership” and change behavior

With individual employees able to flexibly choose their own workstyles, we are simultaneously seeking to raise the speed and quality of work while continuously producing results and creating value. To accomplish this, it is essential to change the attitude and behavior of each employee, and rethink how we work and communicate. In an effort to change attitudes and behaviors, we are fostering a culture conducive to higher productivity. This includes implementing more and better IT tools, while organizing company-wide awareness activities and learning opportunities to boost IT usage skills and literacy, and sharing case examples of efforts at workplaces and by individuals.

Head office renovation

Workstyles for office workers might include mobile work, but generally it is also very important for them to work and communicate together face-to-face. With this in mind, we renovated our head office under the theme of “Spaces for new value creation emphasizing communication.” In addition to everyday communication between employees, we aim to generate value through interactive communication in situations where face-to-face dialogues are important. These include discussions that add momentum to projects, following up on employees who have recently joined the company or the division, and building relationships with customers.

Renovated head office
Renovated head office

Calbee Group Health and Productivity Management

Based on the idea that the health of employees and their families is an essential component of corporate growth, since 2016 the Calbee Group has been engaged in full-scale health and productivity management activities promoting health maintenance, including smoking cessation programs and lifestyle improvements involving diet and exercise. We aim to be a healthy company possessed with the motivation to take on new challenges that facilitates spirited and energetic work enabling employees and their families to live physically and mentally healthy and prosperous lives.

Calbee Group Health Declaration

Health and Productivity Management Structure

Calbee Group promote our health and productivity management centering Career Support Department in conjunction with occupational physicians and health nurses, and the Calbee health insurance association. We are working on creating a structure for conducting activities that promote physical and mental health so that employees can engage in spirited and energetic work.

Organization Framework

Organization Framework

Health assistance initiatives

The Calbee Group engages in management activities that promote the mental and physical health of employees.

Primary prevention

Initiatives to fight presenteeism, including health promotion and maintenance

Improving health literacy
  • Streaming lectures by occupational physicians for employees on the company intranet. (Examples: Mental health, lifestyle-related illnesses, sleeping habits, emergency medical conditions, desk posture, etc.)
  • In-house workshops on health checkup procedures for health assistance staff.
Mental health measures
  • Team health oversight (line care) training for all managers (mandatory).
  • Mindfulness training as part of training for newly hired employees in FY2021.
Smoking cessation Calbee announced its Smoking Cessation Declaration on May 30, 2017, and from April 1, 2018, smoking hours were limited to scheduled break time as defined in the work regulations. We have also removed all cigarette vending machines from company property. Further, smoking will be completed banned on Calbee’s premises from April 1, 2021 and are currently gradually removing smoking rooms. 
Overwork measures Employees who exceed 45 and 80 non-scheduled work hours per month are identified in monthly reports.
Women’s health measures Women’s health information is disseminated and seminars by outside lecturers are held through cooperation with the D&I/Smart Work Promotion Office.
Infectious disease measures Established COVID-19 Response Headquarters in February 2020. Implemented measures to prevent outbreaks in workplace environments, increase remote work, sharing information about new infections among other building tenants, etc.
Stress checks Conducted both online and in paper format to ensure that everyone can respond regardless of their work environment or other conditions.

Secondary and tertiary prevention

Initiatives leading to reductions in work absences, including early detection and prevention of illnesses and preventing increases in severity

Comprehensive health checkups
  • Expanding our health checks for the early detection and early treatment of diseases.
  • Achieved 100% ratio of employees undergoing health checkups through cooperation with HR at each business location and the health insurance association.
Health checkup follow-ups
  • Streaming video “How to Understand and Utilize Your Health Checkup Results” by a lead occupational physician.
    Promoting health management by individuals through their health checkups.
  • Recommending secondary health checkups and following up after stress checks.
Support for balancing cancer treatment and work duties
  • Awareness surveys are conducted for all employees. Establishing supportive work environments and discussion environments for balancing cancer treatment with work, distributing guidebooks, etc.

  • Masako Takeda, General Manager of Human Resources & General Affairs Division, gives a lecture on the theme of balancing cancer treatment and work duties based on her personal experience.
Support for returning to work Establishing standards for returning to work from leave and steps to take when returning to work.
Supporting performance recovery after returning.

Certified as a Health & Productivity Management Organization 2021