Promote diversity and inclusion

Based on the belief that Calbee cannot grow without the active participation of women, we have focused on promoting the active participation of women, which account for approximately half of our employees, as a top-priority issue for diversity management. We aim to establish diversity management that addresses gender in addition to the topics below, and creates an organization and culture with awareness that everyone has unconscious bias and the common theme that everyone has equal opportunities. All of our diverse employees should thus be able to harness their capabilities in their own unique way while producing results for the company and organization.

Common topics for promoting diversity & inclusion

Common topics for promoting diversity & inclusion

Major Measures

Promotion Framework

The department specializing in diversity & inclusion (D&I) was established and began full-scale operations in 2010. Currently the D&I/Smart Work Promotion Department is working on this together with the appointed coordinators at each business entity (including affiliates). In addition to implementing company-wide activity measures, we are also taking actions to solve problems and raise penetration level at each business location.

Organization Framework

Organization Framework

Promotion of Female Employee's Activities

Females comprise roughly half of all Calbee employees. We also aim to raise our ratio of female managers to around the same level as our ratio of female employees. We have set the target of raising our female manager ratio to over 30% by the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024. At the same time, we have also set goals which we are now working toward for the promotion and hiring of female directors. Under the leadership of top management, we are promoting female employees systematically and continuously. Including various training sessions and workshops, we are improving the working environment from the perspective of our female employees.

Female manager ratio

Female manager ratio

Initiatives to support active participation of women

for Program description
Younger females Consider possibilities for their own careers by socializing with other women from the same generation and by learning from various role models
Leader candidates Nurtures leadership ambition and the mentality to confront and overcome requirements and challenges in their future careers, in order to forge their ideal careers without sacrificing life events
Returning from childcare leave Hearing the experiences of senior employees and working together with superiors to acquire specific expertise and forge the mindset take on their jobs and careers with a high degree of professionalism, while at the same time balancing work with parenting

Photo: Female candidates for leadership roles in training
Photo: Female candidates for leadership roles in training

Promoting the active participation of diverse human resources

Turning differences in values into organizational strength

We believe it is important for employees to have chances to learn about the differences between their own values and experiences and those of others. That can make us a company of diverse employees who harness their abilities to drive the competitive strength of the company. During fiscal 2020 we held an e-leaning session to give managers an opportunity to learn about unconscious bias. Dialogues in the everyday workplace are also deepening mutual understanding and accelerating inclusion.

Encouraging employment of people with disabilities

In 2007, we established special subsidiary Calbee Eatalk Co., Ltd., with the aim of creating a company where diverse human resources can play an active role regardless of gender nationality, age and the existence or absence of disabilities. Calbee Eatalk is an employment office used by a large number of people with severe disabilities, whose main activity is the packaging of souvenir products. In 2018, the East Japan Office was opened with the aim of expanding the scale of this business. Calbee and Calbee Eatalk had a combined 2.58% employment rate of disabled people in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021. As we leverage the expertise of this special subsidiary, all companies in the Group will be working together to promote the hiring of employees with disabilities while broadening the scope in which they can actively contribute.

LGBTQ initiatives

Human rights are respected in the Calbee Group and discrimination or harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity are not accepted, as spelled out in the Calbee Group Code of Conduct. Accordingly, we are dedicatedly working to establish workplaces where all employees can put their enthusiasm and energy into their work while being themselves. We have expanded the applicability of congratulatory and condolence leave and payments to same-sex partners of employees, while also conducting lectures and seminars by LGBTQ speakers and disseminating information to promote understanding through our intranet and in-house newsletters.

Calbee Ally logo
Calbee Ally logo

Supporting the active participation of diverse human resources

Support Systems to Encourage Active Participation

Main Systems Details
Systems Supporting
Diverse Working Styles
Mobile work From April 2014, operation launched with an upper limit of two times per week.
From April 2017, we removed limits on frequency. From July 2020, office workers are in principle mobile workers.
Return Entry This system allows employees who resigned due to life events or other career opportunities who wish to rejoin Calbee priority in taking on their new challenge.
Flex time Introduced in 1991. Employees can set their own arrival and departure times as well as their working hours. Core time (time in which employees must be at work) was eliminated from July 2020.
Half-day paid leave Enables employees to apply take paid leave in half-day increments.
Systems Supporting
a Balance Between Family and Work
Childcare leave Can be used up to the day before the child’s second birthday.
*First five days of childcare are counted as paid leave.
Shortened working hours for childcare The specified working hours per day is five hours or more, and working hours can be reduced in 30-minute increments. (Until child finishes third grade)
Spouse childbirth leave Can be used continuously or divided over five days (paid) within six weeks before the expected date of delivery of the spouse (14 weeks before multiple pregnancies) within eight weeks after the date of delivery.
Child nursing leave Up to 10 days a year can be obtained in half-day increments. (Until child finishes third grade)
Nursing care leave Can be used consecutively within one year for one person requiring nursing care for a period approved by the Company.
Shortened working hours for nursing care Specified working hours per day are six hours or more, and working hours can be reduced in 30-minute increments. (Up to two times in three years per person requiring nursing care)
Family nursing care leave Up to 10 days per year, able to be used in half-day increments.
Systems to support active participation
by diverse human resources
LGBTQ-friendly systems* for congratulatory
and condolence leave and payments
To be applied to same-sex common-law marriage partners of employees.

* In addition to the above systems, Calbee subsidizes requisite expenses that occur at various life stages.

Expense subsidy examples

We offer a subsidy program for fertility treatments, an allowance for birth and childcare, a monetary expression of thanks for those to return to work early, a reserve for schoolchildren (reserve for fulltime work), congratulatory money when children enter elementary school, and a subsidy in the cafeteria plan (for childcare, long-term care, and the self-development menu).