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Health and Productivity Management

Aiming for a Healthy Company Facilitating Spirited and Energetic Work

Based on the idea that the health of employees and their families is an essential component of corporate growth, since 2016 the Calbee Group has been engaged in full-scale health and productivity management activities promoting health maintenance, including smoking cessation programs and lifestyle improvements involving diet and exercise. We aim to be a healthy company possessed with the motivation to take on new challenges that facilitates spirited and energetic work enabling employees and their families to live physically and mentally healthy and prosperous lives.

Calbee Group Health Declaration

Health and Productivity Management Structure

Calbee Group health and productivity management is promoted by wellness promotion offices in conjunction with industrial physicians and the Calbee health insurance association. These entities combine to create a structure for conducting activities that promote physical and mental health so that employees can engage in spirited and energetic work.


Calbee conducts medical checkups for the early detection and treatment of diseases, infection disease countermeasures (subsidizing of influenza vaccination costs) and mental healthcare measures (self-care and other types of training).

Health Checkups

Employees aged 35 years or older can receive a comprehensive health checkup (Calbee’s version of a comprehensive physical examination) at no cost. Furthermore, female employees can receive gynecological examinations (breast cancer and cervical cancer) and male employees over the age of 50 can receive prostate cancer screenings free of charge.

Health Promotion

Calbee makes an effort to support the health of employees and their families under the keywords “smoking cessation,” “breakfast” and “exercise.”

Smoking Cessation

Calbee announced its Smoking Cessation Declaration on May 30, 2017, and from April 1, 2018, smoking hours were limited to scheduled break time as defined in the work regulations. We have also removed all cigarette vending machines from company property. Calbee supports smoking cessation with “smoking cessation programs” that provide ongoing support from smoking cessation instructors using a dedicated smartphone app as well as subsidization for expenses associated with “online smoking cessation outpatients” promoting smoking cessation while consulting with physicians using smartphones and personal computers. In addition, we provide various information such as that disseminated by public health nurses, posters for smoking cessation and smoking cessation blogs written by those who quit smoking. The goal is to achieve a Calbee Group smoking rate of 24% by the fiscal year ending March 2021.


Calbee provides support for healthy practices by inculcating an awareness of the importance of regular dietary intake through the Frugra publication disseminated by the Calbee health insurance association and the delivery of simple breakfast sets to employees in production offices who engage in shift work. We also invite outside instructors to conduct breakfast seminars espousing the role and importance of breakfast.


Walking events are held to help employees understand the importance of exercise. This also has the effect of invigorating communication within the teams that participate in these events.

Walking event
Walking event

Balanced Support

To maintain a balance between treatment and work, Calbee establishes support systems such as the special sickness and injury leave program (providing up to two months of calendar day paid leave). In addition, we are engaged in raising awareness of health among employees, including the holding of lectures to support a balance between cancer treatment and work, as well as blogs relaying health themes by vice-presidents, senior executive officers and the presidents of affiliated companies.

Masako Takeda, General Manager of Human Resources & General Affairs Division, gives a lecture on the theme of balancing cancer treatment and work duties based on her personal experience.
Masako Takeda, General Manager of Human Resources & General Affairs Division, gives a lecture on the theme of balancing cancer treatment and work duties based on her personal experience.

Results in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019

Comprehensive health checkup (Calbee’s version of a comprehensive physical examination) consultation rate 96%

Certified as a Health & Productivity Management Organization

2019 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program

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