Calbee’s ability to realize ongoing growth is based on our founder’s advocacy of "creating foods that contribute to health" as our core value. With the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of our founding, we announced the medium-term business plan “Next Calbee,” which places a priority on creating new value that benefits all our customers. We want to develop valuable products centered on the concepts of “taste,” “fun” and “healthy.”

Environmentally Friendly Packaging Efforts

Calbee utilizes eco-friendly biomass ink (*1) and flexographic printing (*2) in the advanced packaging of Kappa Ebisen and Potato Chips products, two core brands that have supported the Company since its founding. We also made use of craft paper for the packaging of items sold as products commemorating the 70th anniversary of our founding. Going forward, we will continue to develop environmentally friendly products in order to realize a sustainable society.

  • *1. Biomass ink: Ink created using biomass raw materials derived from renewable organisms.
  • *2. Flexographic printing: A type of letterpress printing method.

Developing New Products to Fit Changing Lifestyles

With the increase in single-person households and other life-style changes, more people want to snack whenever they please, even when they are alone. In response, Calbee is establishing a new product category of individual portion snacks. We developed the products by processing technologies that bring out the goodness and delicious taste of the ingredients, such as miino, fried whole broad beans, and Toumoriko, which offers the natural flavor of sweet corn. These products are packaged in moderate quantities for one person in stand-up pouches with reclosable zip closures so that they can be enjoyed later. Moving forward, we plan to expand these product lineups.

Extension of expiration dates for potato chips

In an effort to reduce food loss throughout the value chain and improve work efficiency at distributors and sales floors, we extended the expiration date for potato chips and changed the labeling to “Year and Month” on June 1, 2019.

Systems to Make Use of Customer Feedback

The Calbee Group considers its Customer Communication Department as a place to create Calbee fans, and makes proactive efforts to deepen communication. Feedback from customers is shared through daily Companywide emails, and we have the opportunity to do monitoring for the management and employees. We are also building a system to respond to inquiries from overseas customers in order to provide the same quality level to non-Japanese customers.

Diversification of products utilizing customer feedback

The customer opinions received by our Customer Service Center are shared throughout the Company and used for product improvement and development. Based on customer comments such as, “Since the usual Frugra has a sweetness, I would like products with reduced sweetness”, new granola brand which features a flavor and deliciousness will be launched in September 2019 (scheduled).

Engagement with Customers

The Calbee Group actively engages in communication with its customers via website, as well as through a potato harvest experience at its farm. Beyond just selling products, as a food manufacturer we want to convey our policy regarding the safety and security encompassing our products, along with our commitment to quality ingredients, in order to be a company with the long-term trust and approval of customers. The feedback from customers we receive through phone calls, email, and SNS are also useful for product development.

“Potato Diary” on Website

Around 80% of the domestically produced potatoes that the Calbee Group uses are grown in Hokkaido. We introduce the current state of these potato fields and information related to potatoes, and the relationship with the contracted farmers, on our website.

“Potato Diary” (in Japanese only)

Communication through Social Media

Calbee manages official accounts on all major social media platforms used by customers as a contact point to facilitate knowledge and enjoyment of Calbee products.

Results in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019

Brand Japan 2019 “Friendly” division
Number of customer inquiries
Satisfaction responding to customers pointed out
Intention of customers to re-purchase
  • *1 Nikkei BP Consulting
    Factor-Specific Assessment “Friendly” of Consumer Markets (BtoC)
  • *2 Proportion of customers who responded “Very Satisfied” or “Satisfied” in a survey of customers who pointed out issues
  • *3 Proportion of customers who responded in the above survey that they would “Buy as before” or “Buy more than before”

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