Quality Assurance

Quality —Quality Assurance that Protects the Value Chain—

We believe that offering safe and secure products is one of our most important social responsibilities.
In collaboration with producers and suppliers, we are strengthening our quality assurance system throughout the entire value chain, from raw material procurement and product planning to production, logistics, and sales and marketing.
In addition, we are constantly listening to and analyzing opinions and feedback from our customers in order to reduce the number of comments pointed out, and making improvements throughout the entire value chain.
The Quality Assurance Division is directly under the president, and top management communicates the idea that quality is first. We are constantly working in the Company to raise awareness with the aim of ensuring that each employee takes the customer’s perspective and provides products worthy of customer trust and satisfaction.

AAO Activities

In the past, Calbee experienced a product contamination incident and responded with a large-scale product recall. In order to never repeat this mistake, we conduct Companywide activities aimed at providing customers with safe (Anzen), secure (Anshin), and delicious (Oishii) products. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, Calbee announced an open invitation for “delicious” proposals that will lead to appealing and quality products, resulting in the conferring of four awards of excellence and three runner-up selections. A.A.O. activities were also conducted in Thailand at Calbee Tanawat Co., Ltd.

Anzen (Safety) / Anshin (Security) / Oishii (Good Taste)

President Ito listening to customer feedback
President Ito listening to customer feedback

A.A.O. activities in Thailand at Calbee Tanawat Co., Ltd.
A.A.O. activities in Thailand at Calbee Tanawat Co., Ltd.

Creating Mechanisms that Prevent Errors

We have installed line-surveillance cameras in all of our domestic production facilities to ensure against contamination during our production process. These cameras also help us to identify the scope of procedural deficiencies and analyze operating efficiency. Additionally, we have installed an operational error prevention checking system on all domestic production lines for potato chips and flour-based snacks in order to prevent mismatches between packaging and contents during the packaging process.

Surveillance Cameras
Surveillance Cameras

Operational Error Prevention Checking System
Operational Error Prevention Checking System

Measures in Response to Food Allergies, etc.

Reducing risks associated with food allergies is an issue to which a food manufacturing company must give its full attention. We thoroughly clean our production lines to ensure that our products do not become contaminated with allergens. Additionally, we display allergy information concerning products offered at our pilot shops in English as well as Japanese. The Company is also sharing knowledge gained through in-house fundamental research on acrylamide*, a substance found in many heated food products, through academic reports and conferences.

Creating More Understandable Allergy Information

  • * Acrylamide is a substance that is mainly generated in foods when asparagine, a type of amino acid, and reducing sugars glucose and fructose react to heating. International organizations have classified acrylamide as a chemical substance that may have carcinogenic properties in humans but the impact of oral ingestion of acrylamide through food products in humans has not been verified.
Quality Improvement Activities at Overseas Factories

Kwanyuen Kadkaew Factory Manager
Calbee Tanawat Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

At Calbee Tanawat Co., Ltd. in Thailand, employees are actively participating in 5S* and small group improvement activities. These efforts have spread and helped improve product quality and production efficiency. They have also significantly improved the production cost ratio. These activities have become a standard for evaluation and have been effective in raising employee motivation.

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