Public Awards

Status of inclusion in the socially responsible investment (SRI) indexes

Calbee is continuously incorporated into the following indexes which are representative SRI indicators.

Award and Certification (Fiscal year ended March 31, 2020)

Nadeshiko Brand 2020

Calbee was certified for the seventh consecutive year since 2014 for the Nadeshiko Brand, which the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange jointly bestow upon enterprises that are outstanding in terms of encouraging women's success in the workplace. Calbee is the only company in the fisheries, agriculture and forestry, and food products industry category to receive this distinction.

Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations 2020

Calbee was selected for inclusion in the Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations 2020 (Large Corporate Division) White 500, among companies recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Japan Health Council as practicing excellent health and productivity management. Calbee was recognized for having established a specialized department for promoting health (Wellness Promotion Office), engaging in the daily consideration of resolutions to health issues (smoking cessation, exercise, diet, sleep, etc.) faced by employees, and its basic foundation of pursuing health management as one aspect of Company policy.

Sports Yell Company

In recognition of Calbee’s proactive efforts toward employee health, including regular body composition measurements and monthly health enhancement events, for the past two years Calbee has been certified by the Japan Sports Agency for its Sports Yell Company*1 program, as well as by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a “Tokyo Metropolitan Sports Promotion Company”*2.

1. The Japan Sports Agency supports the Sports Yell Company program which certifies companies actively promoting measures to improve employees’ health through sport. The initiative aims to promote sport particularly among people in the prime of their lives who lack exercise, to create a social movement for sport.
2. A system in which the Tokyo Metropolitan Government certifies companies that have implemented initiatives to promote sports activities for employees and support the field of sports based on the “Sports Promotion Company Certification System.”

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