Strengthening of human resource development

The most important assets we have for transforming our business to become the Next Calbee are our human resources. Based on this awareness, we engage in human resources development that nurtures independent-minded employees who solve problems through business in order to satisfy the needs of our customers and society. Our “empathy-based management that encourages the ongoing evolution of organizations and human resources” to ensure “active roles for all employees.” For investing in and developing strategic human resources, we are pursuing measures that focus on developing next-generation leaders, global human resources, and DX human resources.

Major Measures

Frameworks for Active Roles for All Employees

We encourage all employees to have a tenacious sense of ownership, and to think and act on their own initiative while holding our corporate philosophy, values and culture in high esteem. To that end, we (1) support our managers, who form the core of empathy-based management, (2) foster career ownership, and (3) implement fair evaluation and reward systems according to performance.

Supporting managers who lead our organization through empathy-based management

One-to-one training We aim to improve the quality of one-to-one sessions, which are key opportunities for dialogue between staff members and managers, through skills acquisition exercises such as coaching and sharing of practical knowledge.
360-Degree evaluations These provide an opportunity for managers to realize how their own words and actions are perceived by others.
Managers can see their strengths and issues, then think about specific ways to improve and put them into practice.
Calbee membership surveys Visualize the state of the organization to which the survey-takers belong, and follow up regularly.
Mentor system Support staff members to envision what kind of managers they want to become, and turn it into reality through dialogue and advice from mentors.
New manager training Understand the role managers are expected to fulfill, and acquire the skills needed to succeed.

Fostering career ownership

Self-assessment system Employees report their own outlooks and limitations such as those related to their personal lives.
In-house recruitment Spread information about in-house job requirements, and broadly seek and discover human resources within the company, mainly for positions in growth markets and strategic areas.
Work challenge Providing opportunities for employees to develop their careers by indicating their desire for the jobs and workplaces they want and actually attaining them.
Employee challenge Providing opportunities for promotion to full-time employee status.
Job rotation from a medium- to long-term perspective Cross-divisional job rotations based on each employee’s career development plan.
Age-specific career ownership workshops Encourage employees to step away from their work, reflect on their careers, conceive their own career visions for the future, and change their attitudes and behavior.

Implementing fair evaluation and reward systems for their performance

Commitments and accountability Conduct fair evaluations based on the results, which all executives and employees commit to at the beginning of the fiscal year.
Value assessment Encouraging a change in employee behavior by embodying the sense of values that Calbee considers important in our actions.
Calbee Award Awards to employees who contributed to annual performance and corporate development every year.

Investing in and developing strategic human resources

We are focused on developing next-generation leaders, global human resources, and DX human resources. For example, graduates of our Next-Generation Business Leader Training Program have gone on to produce results in divisions handling new business, among other success stories. We also conduct job rotations across divisions and place employees in challenging assignments to foster intrapersonal diversity in each individual.

Strategic human resources to become the Next Calbee

Strategic human resources to become the Next Calbee